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Video & Song of the Week

My pick for this weeks music video is Mr. Bieber. It's a music video made truly for his fans. And if you're not one of them, trust me you will become one. It's pretty much a sum of all his work from the last months. Performances, advertising scenes, recording of his 'personal life' and other stuff that change perfectly with the beat of the song.

Even if you are not a Biebetor (is that even a word) the song is great, cannot wait to have a few glasses of wine and sing to these next time I see my lover.

Justin Bieber's Company

Since last week I didn't post anything for Video and Song of the week, I'm happy to share with you double video and song. I recently found this new (at least to me) artist on VEVO yesterday called Zella Day, I really loved her style and music so much to even post them on my snapchat. Follow me if you haven't! @JUANCHERANGEL

Zella Day Mustang Kids

She's like a mix of Lana Del Rey & Ke$ha. Also so gorgeous and stylish, it's almost impossible to not like her!

Zella Day Hypnotic

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