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Exploring Latin America With Stuhrling Original (The Perfect Watches For Summer)

While visiting beautiful places in Latin America, I must travel with equally beautiful accessories. I still remember those days I used to wear a lot of bracelets; I collected from all over the world. I called them my 'arm candy' that was rustic and colorful. It needed to match the colors of whatever outfit I was wearing at the time. It felt such as accomplishment. Thankfully those days of visual contamination are gone! Don't get me wrong, I still love some nice arm candy myself, but mostly when someone else is wearing it. I think is because as I got older, my style became more mature and subtle. I became more comfortable with the idea of having less accessories to adorn my outfits. Focusing more on the clothes and keeping it clean without distractions. Recognizing the elegance of simplicity.

For this reason you will see how little accessories I wear today. I replaced it all with a nice watch, and what a better watch than a Stuhrling Original. The Swiss watchmaker offers affordability that looks expensive! They're known for their luxurious designs with affordable prices and top of the line quality. Here I'm wearing two different Stuhrling Original watches with canvas straps. They have a huge variety of watches with straps of all kind of materials. In my opinion summer's hot temperatures require sweat-proof straps; such as canvas, silicone and rubber. These Stuhrling Original straps are great options because they're lightweight unlike metal and you can clean them easily without compromising the classic design of Stuhrling's stainless watches' case.

Hear my words...If you over do accessories, you can completely ruin a good look. Different from women, the watch in a men's attire is the most important accessory because it represents what for women are their earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Gentlemen, choose wisely your next watch to make the best impression.

Juanjose wearing Stuhrling Original Watch in Mexico City

Photography by Alan Abarca

I wore...

Stuhrling Original Watch with Military Green canvas strap

Lacoste X Addict Sneakers exclusively for Addict Miami

White V-Neck Tee and Cardigan from ZARA

Trousers from H&M

Photography by Guioana Rangel

I wore...

Stuhrling Original Watch with Blue & Orange canvas strap

TEVA Sandals

Short Sleeves Shirt by JACHS New York

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