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London | Why It Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

I've heard too much about it but unlike other places I couldn't wait to visit because I felt interested in their different cultures. London wasn't on top of my travel list. Well the British metropoli has left me speechless and wanting to come back (or stay!). Especially because It's extremely green with more than 40 percent green space or open water and for being so large I found its streets very clean. You know I love nature.

I felt like home. I lived the first years of my life in Bogota, Colombia. Which many call it the London of Latin America for its similar weather and brick alike architecture. I believe this is why I felt very identified with the locals for the way they dress, very minimalistic and sophisticated. You think you've seen rich? Wait until you see the endless luxury stores, hotels and spots you see in London. You can tell there is 'old money' flowing in these streets.

The United Kingdom capital is almost too pretty. Being a photographer I find myself taking mental photos of everything as I go, identifying perfect locations for shoots that in many cities are hard to find. Usually because they're too busy. However, London is so photogenic. I found peculiar that every street looked nice. This is unexpected especially in historic cities where time and story has left its footprint. It seems like preservation top of Londoners planning list.


Check out the FIRST WORD CHALLENGE I recorded in London. I tried to implement as much as i could of the beautiful sights in the videos.

Word Challenge in London Part 1

Word Challenge in London Part 2

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