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Walmart Entering the World of Fashion

The battle for online world domination has begun and yes, as strange as it might sound, the great American Retailer wants to become the go to store for fast fashion. Walmart plans to enter the world of Fashion by implementing new styles for their new men clothing line George; shorter shorts, printed shirts are among the many trends coming to Walmart. Their strategy is to educate their current shoppers of classic fashion with tags such as "ABOVE KNEE." in their new shorter shorts and attract the fashion savvy millennials at the same time.

Currently Walmart sells a lot of clothes (it sold over $24 billion worth of clothes in 2016) but it was mostly basics such as T-shirts, underwear, socks and jeans. They want to change that with the expansion of George, which used to be their fashion line focused solely on women's apparel to menswear with styles that we would normally see in H&M or Forever 21. Think of flamingo print shorts, contrast collar T-shirts and many colors that might not surprise you, but for Walmart shoppers is something they've never seen in stores before.

Experts predict that Amazon will overtake Macy's to become the largest apparel retailer in the world later this year. This is why I feel great about Walmart creating some competition, because I don't know if you've been on but their variety of stuff is insane and it's usually more affordable than Amazon. Don't think that they only sell their in-store inventory, because their inventory is bigger than you can imagine, they have many brands and other retailers on board. You can buy a sofa for very cheap or get a very pricey one for thousands of dollars. Since 2016 Walmart has been buying fashion brands like Bonobos and they won't stop anytime soon because their goal is clear, they don't want Walmart customers to have to go anywhere else for anything.

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customers to have to go anywhere else for anything.

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