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Style Tip: Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Packets

It's not a secret that the placement of certain details can make you appear bigger, leaner or a lost cause. I want to show the recent outfits with lots of pockets that I've been wearing. Pockets are like a real state. There are two main factors that you should take into consideration: location and size.

Let's start with size; If the pocket is large, it will likely enhance the part of the body where it is located, making it look bigger. With the exception of the pockets located in the stomach, since they can hide your belly...

The location of the pocket is also a factor that can work in your favor. Usually, when the pocket is placed on one side of the piece it will become the focal point to who is looking. This is why you usually see shirts, blazers and even Tshirts with only one pocket.

When talking specifically about back pockets you also have to look into the angle or shape of the pocket. In girls' back pockets, you will usually see curves.


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