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Song & Music Video Of The Week

Every week I will be posting a song I'm probably running and a music video I'm playing over and over. I'm very excited to share with you guys a little of my taste in music, hopefully it matches yours...

This week I'm bringing you some RiRi. She cannot do wrong! Rihanna continues to make great music. I really appreciate her unique music. Even thought she continues to sing and portray a very different persona from what she is in real life, someone who's sensitive and cares. You can still hear some soul in her music.. Unlike other pop artist whose absolutely everything is prepared for. Rihanna's music and videos are undeniable hers.

Here is Needed Me, filmed in my city Miami and directed by Harmony Korine.

And the song of the week is; which won't be necessarily new...

"Moments" by Tove Lo. It's also an exceptional music video!

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