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How to get out of a funk (Take these steps to avoid depression)

When we are feeling good it's easy to forget how we used to feel. It's good because you don't feel that dark cloud called depression is hanging around. Instead, When I look back at my depression (which used to come and go) it sometimes feels like I'm talking about a different person. However, I know I went through that and other mental illnesses for a reason, especially considering some people never get better or end up hurting others or hurting themselves. If you're reading this, I'm hopeful because you are interested in learning, even if it's out of curiosity. Curiosity is a powerful tool to make you a better person. At least you will know from someone who suffered from depression

There is sadness and depression. They're different and that's why you shouldn't say you're depressed when you're sad. Not even when I was experiencing depression I knew that it also affects your whole body. Understanding what it was helped me fight it and now avoid it. Depression causes or might be caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and hormones (specifically cortisol; the stress hormone and adrenaline) It's also why it can make you fatigued, gives you body aches, or like in my worst days, make you not want to get out of bed. This is why if you know someone who's depressed and you try talking to them, you will realize they're ill. They're having ill thoughts, it's the depression talking, not them.

Be patient and don't try to change what they're opening up to tell you. It's why just tell them you're there for them. You can also tell this to yourself whenever you're going through negative feelings, tell yourself 'I'm here for you, this shall also pass'. In my experience, it's important to cope with your feelings instead of escaping them and understand nothing lasts forever.

Steps to get out of a funk:

Talk to yourself. Even out loud. Treat the sad/frustrated/anxious part of you as a different person. You can even name it. Tell them you appreciate them but it's time for the other YOU (the one who you aspire to be) to take charge. I recently started doing this and I'm amazed by how easy it's been to manage all parts of myself (acceptance is the key to transformation)

Responsibility. You need to realize that there is a lot you can do to avoid getting into that deep hole. Examine your schedule. Make a routine. It might be hard to follow at first but your joy depends on this. Having scheduled activities and meals will give you a sense of control we all cherish.

Talk to other people. I remember in the darkest days in my Hollywood apartment that I felt so lonely. Every time I traveled somewhere I'd come back with a sense of hope that eventually faded away with time. This happened several times for me to realize that what I was needing the most was a connection. Talk to your family, friends or even an online community.

Pop that personal bubble. I know it's hard to not only think about yourself. But when you travel or talk to other people. You realize that the whole world has problems, it's not only you! I found an endless source of energy when I remember that if I'm still alive it's because I'm here to serve.

Pray. Even if you and I don't share the same beliefs. Something about wishing others well will make you feel better. This is something that helps me so much because every time I have a bad feeling, I remind myself that there are probably millions of people in the world feeling something similar. Minutes after my prayers I immediately feel much better.

Create. You're a creator. See your human emotions and feelings as the inspiration to create something that represents a part of you. In my case, I like to touch people with my words.

Some time ago my advice to get out of a funk would've been very different. Probably to just pack your bags and change your environment. And that works! But if you change your environment to change what you feel inside you're avoiding the transformation that your soul is asking you to have. Don't run away from it, face it. You're stronger than you think.

Happiness is a decision. Understand that it's within you and there is nothing outside of you that can change really how you feel about yourself. Take back the power and take care of your health, it will pay off ;)


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