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Skinny is just skinny but healthy is Fabulous | Ser delgado es ser delgado. ¡Pero estar saludable es

Thinking about the things that contribute to the development of my eating disorders, I feel that education on the topic would have helped me tremendously. I remember when I was a pre-teen already associating anorexia as someone skinny and cool. I was always looking at pop stars and of course that had a lot to do with my inclination to want to be skinny. But being chubby and wanting to be accepted, I felt that the way to go was to become not only thin but thinner than most people. I remember the video 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguilera was crucial for me to see not only my sexuality but the eating disorder I was going to develop. We ignore that even our children are aware of what their bodies look like compared to their peers. It's better sooner than later to start discussing what attractive bodies are the product of; dedication and good eating habits (eating the right things) that way we wouldn't leave so much room for speculation of how a good looking shape can be achieved.

As a society, we are obsessed with the idea of losing weight. It's understandable when you see that so many millions of people are suffering from obesity, but for teenagers and young minds, the idea of getting thin can become an obsession. Especially, when it's promoted by comments from people around them and the media. For instance, when we look at someone who's lost weight, we immediately compliment them. Again, it's not bad. However, the concept that skinny is the only way to be pretty by society is what we need to change together. From our conversations at home to what it is said about those around us. It will be a conscious work of changing the way we've been modeled to talk about bodies by decades of glamorization of skinny. Watch your self when you say compliments, identify when you think someone looks good only because they're looking thinner. Instead, start glamorizing when someone makes the effort to look good regardless of their weight. When someone accepts themselves for the shape that they're and especially those that you know work hard to achieve strong bodies (that most of the time are lean).

To be continued.


Much love,

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