Fun Workout Outfits To Do It All Ft. Zumba® Wear

Famous for dancing. Zumba is a brand company that goes beyond what you might think. I never thought that what started as a workout DVD of latin music would became what it is today.

A few years ago, I happened to be staying at the same hotel where Zumba held its Instructor Convention in Orlando. That is when I realized how popular the brand really is. There were thousands of instructors coming from all over the world to learn new Zumba choreographies, get merchandise and of course, dance!

I approached the opportunity and got my hards on a few items I liked.The full line of Zumba® Wear apparel, accessories and footwear is apparently so popular that instructors buy big quantities not only for themselves but to resell it. When the opportunity to collaborate with Zumba® Wear came across, I didn't think twice to accepted it. I don’t usually wear as much color, but when it comes to what I wear to workout, I like to go a little wild. Because Zumba® Wear apparel is made to let your body move freely (regardless the sport) with dry-fit fabrics for sweat, body aesthetics to enhances one's body shape and what I like the most; The most unique designs. ​

Photography by Alan Barrera

Click HERE to see more Zumba® Wear items.

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