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What You Need to Know About The New iPhone "7"

I'm an Apple fanatic; Like you I supposed for reading this. I've put together the most talk-about rumors online about the new Apple phone and most importantly, the fact we already know that support these rumors.

1. Dual-lens camera that take almost professional photos:

We can all agree iPhone needs a better camera, I'm tired of the Samsung users always presuming how much better their pictures are. Well Apple is supposed to come with a dual-lens camera that will have DSLR cameras' quality pictures. The reason why I said this is because at the end of 2014 Apple bought an Israeli company called LinX. This company was the leader of the technology behind all the new ultra thin DSLR cameras, bringing better performance in low light with improved colors and contrast. Also expect the more editing tools like the ones you see in apps like Instagram or Snapchat.​

2. Say Hello to a new era of All-Digital audio.

And bye to your old headphones. Apple is known for always innovating in technology. Even if it's getting a lot of heat this days for unveiling about the audio lighting port, we can expect much higher audio quality than the one delivered through analog (The small little hole) and noise cancellation technology. So for everyone out there considering new headphones, stay away from expensive ones!.

3. Waterproof

We can expect less. It must be comparable or better than the IP68 rating Samsung Note 7 waterproof capabilities. It will likely be dust-resistant as well.

4. Technology Specs:

Knowing the photos taken by the new iPhone will be professional-like also means that it will need a much larger processor with more RAM. The speculators also report that it will even likely have a 3GB RAM to be able to act as fast as your phone with improved, much larger photos.

Having bluetooth headphones and charging connectivity will make room for a second speaker. Apple started allowing in 2014 headphone makers to make headphones that can connect via the iPhone’s charger lighting port.

The iPhone 7 will probably also have a new name, this is said because unlike previous versions, it will introduce a lot of new technology. The game changer will likely be released in later this fall.

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