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Denim Overload

From head to toe, I decided to dress solely with the most common fabric of all time. Denim; with ripped, colored and even bleached jeans trending, you cannot do wrong by combining any sort of denim top or bottom you have.

I wore a western dark denim shirt of almost the same shade of blue of my pants, what varies is the ripped knee section of the jeans. I also wore a denim hat with the word "Texas" on it. My mom gave it to me as a souvenir from Texas which I feel gives my outfit the cowboy-trucker look I was going for.​

Photography by Guioana Rangel

Try the everything denim look. You can change the color of the denim to that shade you own and it will still look good. I found these for you...

The perfect "for" Denim blue belt:

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Blue Leather Belt with Blue Buckle

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Light Denim Baseball Hat

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Light Denim Shirt with Two Pockets

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Washed Jeans with Ripped Knees

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Levi's Standard Dark Denim Shirt with Front Pockets

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Dark Ripped Jeans

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Classic Denim Baseball Hat

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