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Comfortability Steals The Show. Look Like a Star With Comfy Clothes.

Comfortability is what's "IN" today more than ever. With celebrities and other fashion influencers using social media to show what they wear on a daily basis. Their casual clothing, sweatpants or even very distinctive pieces like onesies is what every one is interested in copying.

This social media phenomenon has brands working with famous people on very successful clothing lines. Collaborations like Puma's Fenty with Rihanna or Adidas with YEEZY by Kanye West (which are the sneakers I'm wearing) have completely sold out since their release. Luxury brands such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton between others are also taking note and implementing more comfortable and urban designs influenced by the laid back style people want.

Personally, I like to see what my style icons are wearing because It's refreshing to see when celebrities dare to wear stuff regular people normally wouldn't. I get ideas from what's trending, keeping it playful but only investing in quality fabrics, comfort and style.

I'm wearing...

The Sold out black YEEZY Boost | Shop adidas

Grey Joggers | Shop Bloke Undees

Onesie | Shop ASOS Runners Nike Zoom | Shop Nike

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