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Master The Pleated Pants

It shouldn't be a surprise to see an old style in your closet making a strong comeback on the runways and in every window in the mall. This time we are giving the spotlight to the style of trousers that our grandpas like, the pleated pants.

This should guide you to master the pleated pants:

1. Praise the style. If you were brave enough to wear these not so flattering details. Pay respect to the vintage fit by going for bigger fit of pants. Don't forget to tuck-in your shirt/top to show the pleats.

2. Tradition is your friend. Stick to traditional colors, at least for now while the exxagerated trend gains more popularity. Earth, dark colors such as khaki, navy or grey are your best choices.

3. Is Shorter Better? Not necessarily. Lately the ankle short pants are everywhere. But dare to differ. You can see in the pictures both lengths of hem.

Try this look yourself, it will probably look best with a tucked-in dress shirt, but be creative. Pair it with a T-shirt and wear it with a blazer if the occasion requires for.

I'm wearing:

Wool Double Pleated Pants with Drawstring | Shop Brunello Cucinelli Spring Summer 2016

Navy Double Pleated Pants with Short Hem | Shop Brunello Cucinelli Fall Winter 2016

Oxford Band Collar White Shirt | Shop J. Crew

Black Sunnies | Shop Persol

Check out more pictures of the look featuring the grey pleated pants HERE (Middle East Desert Inspired Summer Look)

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