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Guide To Get Only The Graphics (Tees & Sweaters) That Flatter Your Body

Graphics are cool. Sure we can all agree that solid basics are always a safe choice but a nice graphic can totally make you stand out or just be enough to make a great outfit. This is why I came up with some key factors you should have in mind when deciding what kind of graphics you should be wearing...

1. Location. Where the design is placed is what differentiates a fit mom from a chubby nugget addict. Think of the graphic as the focal point thus if you have some belly fat, you might not want to wear anything that gets the attention over your troubled areas. Instead, when graphics are located anywhere but in that troubled area, it will act as the ideal distraction.

2.Position. If the graphics are big enough, they can be covering any side or end of your top because at a quick glimpse it will cut that part of your body to the eye.

3. Shape. Avoid wide graphics. Elongated shapes give the eye the illusion of a longer body.

4. Stay away from your local mall. There is a 99% chance that if you get a graphic top from a popular store like H&M or F21 the girl next door has it, or has a boyfriend that's got it with a 50% discount sale.

5. Be adventurous. Do your research. Nowadays you can buy very expensive luxury graphic apparell by top designers. Shop online for more variety or even better yet, you can visit your nearest thrift store to find vintage Tees and sweatshirts (for probably less than $10 bucks!) and the older it looks, the better. The overused look is totally trending.

6. Wear it, wash it, do it again. As I said the vintage look is more popular now than ever. Brands such as Fear Of God, All Saints & U.S. Alterations have made fortunes on faded, ripped garments sold in pretty stores.

7. Make It Count. The possibilities are endless, you can design online a T-shirt that means something to you or in my case, choose the graphic because its position is flattering.

More examples...

Shop The First Look:

Young Star Sunglasses | Shop Geek Eyewear

Tan Leather High Tops | Shop Unnown Footwear

Topman Ripped Black Skinny Jeans | Shop Nordstrom

"Take The Road Less Traveled" Vintage Light Gray Graphic Sweater

Other examples:

Planet Androgynous Green T-Shirt | Shop Androgynous Apparell

Zara "Wrong is The New Right" Sweater | Read about it here or Shop Zara

Brunello Cucinelli Leisure Crewneck Tee | Directly at the physical boutique or Shop

Red Graphic Tee & Dark Grey Tee with Velvet Design | Shop Urban Outfitters

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