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Valentine's Gift Ideas to Win a Heart (or two!)

Surely you've read so many articles titled the same. What else can you give that person you want to impress to really stand out? The answer is simple, go big or go home. Meaning that if you are not going to invest in a really nice present that this person will absolutely value (forget the "the intention is what counts" that is so last millennial) if you give something to someone is because you actually think that this person is valuable enough and will benefit from it.

Being that said, spending time with someone sharing a moment doing something something you both enjoy is top of my list for gift ideas. What will make Valentine's day memorable is even more so if you make sure the preparations are social media pictures worthy, when that person can show off the nice dinner, full of candles you made or the various fruits covered with chocolate (don't forget a checkered blanket) for a romantic picnic.

But if time isn't enough and you think you need an extra hand catching her/his heart. These Valentine's gifts are just for you:

  • A beautiful watch. There isn't anything more memorable something that you get to wear every day.

My pick: Daniel Wellington watches are all unisex and they have a minimal, elegant style you can wear with casual or fine clothes. For around $200 dollars you can have a celebrities like the Kardashian's favorite watch. Use my promotional code: RANGEL15 for a 15% OFF discount and for limited time get this card holder for free when you purchase a watch!

  • Some cool colored sunglasses. They're totally in and you can probably get two pairs on amazon for less than $30. Get a pair for yourself and one for your hubby and look totally cool vibing with the 90's look together.

  • Fine Chocolates never get old. The combination of fat, sugar and some other mood enhancing substances will always remain as the perfect present to show instant love to someone.

My pick: Godiva chocolates, you cannot go wrong with the famous top quality chocolate brand. Same day delivery available in most cities and for a limited time you get a free heart shaped box of chocolate like this one with a $50 purchase.

A case of love, real love! An iPhone case, Macbook or any technology device your valentine's uses on the daily basis is a great gift that is functionally a reminder of your great love.

My pick: ELEMNT cases are luxurious cases handcrafted in New York featuring python, marble and more materials. They are also offering Valentine's limited edition of their most popular cases in red.

Let me finish this post by reminding all of you that it isn't necessary to wait for occasions like Valentine's to give yourself permission to act with kindness and love to everyone around you and most importantly yourself. Be good to yourself and spread love, it will all come back to you somehow (If you're lucky enough in species)

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