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The Only One Thing For This Summer | Barcelona

There isn't anything more comfortable than wearing just shorts and a T shirt in summer unless you can get away with being naked. If you're not Barcelona and that's not the case, wear your shorts and T-Shirts and a sweater to adapt this simple look to different ambients and the quick changes in temperature, like when you go indoors to cold AC. Take that sweater (preferably neutral and with no graphics, print or logos) Even more than a jacket, a sweater will look effortless to this polished laid back look. Almost as you didn't plan to have it.

For a long day in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. The sweater gave me a different look to shoot in different places of the city. One good outfit, endless good pictures...and if I'm able to recover some footage, a new Youtube video of my days in Barcelona.

When in Spain...My whole outfit is from the Spanish brand, Zara! I bet some of you didn't know the world's largest apparel retailer, Inditex which Zara is part of; calls Spain home.

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