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Stripes | The Easiest Style Move

If you don't own a striped shirt by now, I don't know where you've been shopping. Thankfully you can find every brand making these statement tops all the time. Why? Because stripes unlike other prints never go out of style, you can wear the same sweatshirt under your winter jacket and it will give depth to your outfit or you can wear it with shorts for a nautical look in summer.

From Justin Bieber to Kurt Cobain, the striped tee/sweatshirt is a safe and easy style move that everyone including celebrities has worn over the years.

Kurt Cobin wearing a striped sweater

Justin Bieber wearing a striped T-shirt


Red Leather Sneakers L.12.12 | Shop Lacoste

Striped White Sweatshirt | Shop Lacoste

Reversible Brown Leather belt | Shop Perry Ellis

Striped T-Shirt & High socks from ZARA

Want to know more about stripes? Check out this blog: Things You Should Know About Stripes

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