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Athleisure | The Track Jacket

In the last year, every brand you can think of came up with an Athleisure line, for those that don't know; it's when sportswear is made for other settings. And we must thank the rise of this trend because now it's acceptable to wear sneakers to the office.

What probably got out of control was joggers worn in casual settings, everyone was wearing their gym pants to work or go out. And what we didn't see much of was the implementation of the Athleisure trend to the other half of the body. This is why I wanted to try wearing a track jacket with casual clothes. Some chinos, a crispy white shirt to give it a nicer look and some leather sneakers. Here is the outcome. I must admit the reason it looks so good is because I'm wearing Lacoste from head to toe and you know they've master the Atheisure trend since 1933.


Track Jacket | Shop Lacoste

Legion Blue Chinos | Shop Lacoste

Track Pants (In case you want to match instead) | Shop Lacoste

White Leather Sneakers | Shop Lacoste

White L.12.12 Watch | Shop Lacoste

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