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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

What to give your significant other or that person you want to spell on Valentine's Day can be difficult for some. Especially if we take in consideration that there are so many holidays that make us buy stuff for each other. This guide should give you some ideas what could be a great gift for the guy of your dreams.

Skin Care products

Most guys are not doing it right. We start taking care of our skin maybe a little too late in the game. This is why a good skin care product is a great gift for young guys that not necessarily invest in good products but I know that after seeing the results of the use of a good serum for instance. Will be hooked.

My pick: LAB SERIES Future Rescue Serum | Get free product with promo: ULTRA

This my everyday moisturizer, I apply after washing my face every time.

No B.S. | Take an extra 15% OFF with code GETMINE

I've been trying NO B.S. for a week now, I'm seeing good results, especially my complexion and expressions lines have been reduced a little. That Vitamin C + Retinol Routine do wonders!

Funky Pieces

I love those kind of gifts that bring a smile just to look at them.

My pick: Happy Socks See their latest Harrington Collaboration

Statement Accessories

A nice accessory is something that will remind the person of you whenever they wear it. It will also last a lifetime depending on the brand.

My pick: Vint & York Vintage Sunglasses | Shop

Well crafted with very modern designs and your classic favorites.

A timeless classic watch from Promo Code: JUAN15 for %15 discount

ZENDO Business Class Case with an elegant look and double use (wallet too!) | Shop

Clothes & Shoes

Look for those pieces that you know the person you like LIKES. Even if you're getting them the same Vans they've had. It's a thoughtful thing to do.

Lounge wear by Bozzi NYC because luxury feels better than a second skin

To me the best gifts are those that I would not buy myself, but I still want. Sure it's the intention that counts, but if you give something, it better be useful...

Happy Valentine's everyone, thank you for reading.

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