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10 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now

There is no doubt that Instagram has become our favorite platform with now 800 millions monthly active users. With so many users, there is a chance you've might missed these amazing accounts for entertainment or style inspiration.

The Unofficial Kate Moss Account | I'm not sure who is running this account, but if you are a fan of Kate Moss, the variety of photos makes you feel it's a better version of her official account.

Alike But Not Alike' exploring the similarities and differences between sets of identical twins.

Instagram's Own Fashion Police | They keep up with anything fashion. From runway to celebrities and most importantly Diet Prada tells us who copied who (I hate to use that word in fashion because I believe we are all guilty of taking style inspiration from others)

30 Under 30 I've followed Danielle for a while. She personifies what cool is. She uploads daily, has an amazing tan and dresses perfect for the occasion.

Motivational One of my favorite accounts. I think I've liked every single one of their photos because they're so relatable. I love anything that transmits positivity and they're guilty of that.

Another Girl That stole my heart. Travel and Fashion Blogger, each of Gina's photos tell a story. A very beautiful one.

Last but not least The Instagram of Barbie, yes the doll as if she was a fashion blogger! With women empowerment being one of the hottest topics of discussion nowadays, I think Barbie is a good example of a brand that has always been dedicated to the female population and adapts through the years to represent what women want. On the other hand, you know no one can wear it like barbie.

In case you are not following me. Here is a link to my Instagram.

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