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Stole My Dad's Pants

I didn't really steal anyone's pants. These wide leg pants are vintage and they are one of those things I never wanted to get rid off in many years. Even when I moved to Los Angeles, I made my family stored them with other special stuff I really like. I'm glad I had them in Miami because I knew there will be a perfect time to wear them plus I really like how they fit because they accentuate my waist and also I love the old school vibe they have.

The perfect time had come, as many of you've seen on my Instagram updates, I was taking care of my niece and nephew for two weeks while my sister and brother-in-law had a second very well deserved honeymoon. I was loving the chance to be a dad for a little while, so I decided to totally embrace it. Even inspiring me to dress like a real daddy , wearing old trendy clothes and introducing my little ones to a veganish lifestyle (not completely vegan, but just good enough)

Photos by Rosana Fernandez


Estuve unos días cuidando de mis sobrinos y esto me inspiro a vestirme como un papa.

Aparte que me encanta el look vintage de como hace años, me parece que los pantalones anchos lucen muy bien tanto en los hombres y mujeres porque realzan la cintura...

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