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Depression & Anxiety Supplement Guide

This is something difficult to open up about but I'm a big believer that if I speak about it, more people will and it takes away the isolation a psychological problem can bring you. This is why I will be talking a little more about it on video coming soon, but for the moment I wanted to share with you guys the supplements that have helped me to treat my anxiety and depression. Those who suffer from this condition understand that depression isn't just "feeling sad" its a much deeper issue that might be caused by an imbalance in our brain or a defficiency of something in our bodies. These are the supplements I've been taking lately. I wish I knew which one was the "magic pill" or the thing that helped me the most, however, I do know that the combination of everything here did the trick. I'm feeling so much better, ready to work & enjoy life.

Read the breakdown to know what each product does and why I decided to take it. Click links to purchase these supplements on Amazon, I've red every review and looked for the best prices.

Magnesium Supplement

My mom recommended me to take some magnesium after I told her what I was experiencing because she had the same symptoms a few years back and the doctor found out it was a magnesium deficiency which can cause many things like nervousness, low energy, trouble sleeping, etc.

Nitra Fle Pre Workout

I tried going to the gym to feel better, but I just couldn't be focused on it anymore. I also felt so weak. So I did my research and found this great pre work out that felt more powerful than C4 and has all the building muscle amino acids but most importantly, it's supposed to boost/balance your testosterone levels (nothing crazy like steroids or a testosterone booster, but amazing enough to help with your sex drive and endurance at the gym...)

Vitamin D

I did a lot of research about depression and how it's linked to various deficiencies in the body. One that is very common is the vitamin D deficiency because we are not exposed to the sun enough in countries that are far from the equator. Ever wondered why a lot of people feel the blues during the winter/fall season? it's because the body produces vitamin D from the sun and we don't get much of it. Still, wear your SPF to keep young but take a high Vitamin D supplement like this one.

Neuro Peak

When I was going to college, my attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) was out of control. Meaning that I just couldn't get through working and school at the same time. Party days also didn't help. This is why I started taking Adderall. I won't say I regret it, but let me tell you. I guess it made me feel "normal" for the first time in my life, able to concentrate like everyone else in only one task. This is why I started taking it for some years as the doctor prescribed. It had horrible side effects but I was dependent on it. Before moving to Los Angeles, I decided to give it up and try many different methods to stay productive. This supplement made wonders, made me feel as focused but without the stimulation and crash.

CLA (Stimulant-free weight loss aid)

This works wonders with a combination of diet and exercise. It's supposed to make your body burn your storage as energy instead of what you've consumed as food. CLA may also stimulate the breakdown of block new fat cells from growing.

Lista de suplementos para la ansiedad y depresión

Es dificil hablar de los problemas psicologicos que podemos estar experimentando. Sin embargo siento que al hablar del tema puedo inspirar a otros a hablarlo. Eliminar el stigma que le tenemos en la sociedad y que no ayuda a nadie. En este momento me siento del otro lado del problema entonces quisiera compartir con ustedes que me ayudo a salir de esos momentos dificiles. Especialmente por que si has sufrido de depresion, sabes que muchas veces no tiene nada que ver con lo que este pasando en tu vida, si no puede ser causado por un desbalance en tu cerebro o alguna deficiencia.

Quisiera saber cual fue el magico que me ayudo mas, pero creo que fue la combinacion de todos que me han hecho sentir mucho mejor.

Suplemento de Magnesio

Mi Mama me lo recomendo despues que le comente los sintomas que estaba experimentando. Especialmente el hecho que por primera vez en mi vida no tenia energia para hacer deporte que es algo que siempre he hecho para mantenerme positivo y saludable. Como ella estaba experimentando sintomas como problemas para dormir, debilidad el medico le hizo un examen y descubrio una deficiencia de magnesio.

Nitra Flex (Estimulante para hacer ejercicio)

A diferencia de muchos otros "pre work outs" este te aseguro que te dara una potencia y energia para aguantar tu rutina de ejercicios. Es especial para crear masa muscular y te ayudara a nivelar los niveles de testosterona.

Vitamina D

La deficiencia de vitamina de es algo muy común en los paises lejos de la linea ecuatoriana por que la vitamina D es producida en el cuerpo cuando estamos expuestos al sol. Los sintomas son nervios, depresión, calambres, debilidad, en fin muchas cosas que estaba sintiendo. Es bueno tomarla en altas dosis especialmente si no te expones mucho al sol, eso si, no dejes de cuidar tu bello rostro con protector para mantenerte joven.

Neuro Peak

Esto es un excelente suplemento con infinidad de cosas que te pueden ayudar a combatir los problemas de atencion. Inmaginense que es como un adderall sin los efectos secundarios. Pensaras mucho mas claro y podras ser mas productivo en todo lo que hagas.


Este suplemento te puede ayudar a bajar de peso por que hace que tu cuerpo utilice la grasa acumulada como energia envez de la comida que consumes. Tambien esta comprobado de parar el crecimiento de nuevas celulas de grasa. No es un estimulante...

Espero que les sea util estos suplementos, me dedique a buscar lo mejor con el mejor precio.

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