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What I know for sure about Acne in your 20's

Most of us have experienced some kind of acne throughout our lives. But when you have it in your 20's, it just doesn't feel right. Well, it never did, but in our adolescence its a little bit expected and it's actually rare to see someone without pimples. Also, to clarify. I don't think to have a pimple or two is called acne because it's normal for our skin to break out, perhaps inevitable. Lucky those that never break out because as I said it's just normal.

Today being a skincare connoisseur (or skincare product junkie) I know enough to have great skin after struggling with acne for so long. In high school at some point, my sister used to call me Pizza face. Currently, the only pizza in my life is what I eat and you can see me reviewing skincare products on social media. This is why I want to tell you what worked for me and what I know for sure about acne in your 20's because I get that having good skin can break or make someone's confidence.

Worry less. I know it's hard because your skin is the first thing you see when you look at yourself in the mirror, but stress can make you break out even more. when you dissociate with the idea of having acne, your mind will make an impact. Also, doing too much about your existing acne will just make things worse.

I used to put so many acne products and would break out even more. Most acne products (Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, etc) work in similar ways. They get rid of sebum which is the oil produced by your skin to protect it from overdrying. If you make your skin dry, it will just automatically produce an excess of sebum. When I stopped completely using anything that was made for acne, my skin started clearing out little by little. First the redness, then I started breaking out less and less.

Give it time. We like fast results, a magic pill or lotion that will not fix the problem permanently. You need to trust your body more and its ability to heal. Think of pimples as cuts to your skin. When you cut yourself, you don't really have to do anything for them to heal.

Do it right. When you start thinking of your skin as something very delicate you will just treat it nicely. Using the right routine with the right products will work like magic (over time). It's time to focus on the rest of your skin and not the problems. Your 20's are the right time to slow down aging before it's too late.

Useful tips:

Use a different towel for your face

Don't touch your face. Unless you just washed your hands.

Change your pillowcases regularly.

Diet is key. High sugar diets are proven to provoke acne. Fats are actually good for your skin.

When you wash your face water should never be too hot.

Visible pimples are way worse underneath the surface, this is why you should never pop them! Use Benzoyl peroxide only if it's strictly necessary.

Probiotics, eating the right foods will do. But if you drink alcohol, have a poor diet or take medications. You should consider taking a probiotic supplement. Good bacteria will kill bad bacteria. Good always wins ;)

SPF my favorite tip. I was Pizza face because the sun would make my existing pimples get even more irritated.

Stay away from the sun if you have scars.

Hydrate hydrate and hydrate. Drink tons of water.

Wash your face no more than twice per day. Use a gentle cleanser (that hydrates!)

I hope these tips are useful to you, I know they work for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me on social media.

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