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Tips to Level Up Your INSTAGRAM Photography Game

A lot of you keep asking me who takes my photos? The list would go on and on. I've had even strangers take my photos when I'm traveling alone. Indeed, I love shooting with photographers but that doesn't happen everyday. I feel with technology and the social media bloom, enough practice can give you some expertise. I'm constantly surprised by the photography my mom and other friends take without me giving them directions; because they follow these tips.

Angles and Dimensions

The infamous angles can do a lot for anyone. It's incredible how the perspective of something can change with two inches of difference. These is what you need to keep in mind.

Whatever is close to you the lens will appear bigger. You want a bigger butt? Get it close to the camera mami.

To appear taller, tilt your phone back...can be annoying but make the person taking the photo squat for you. The lower is the phone, the taller you will look... Also avoid leaving too much space under your feet.

When taking a photo of anything above your waist, the camera should be on your eye level. I've seen a lot of girls specially appear shorter because they have their boyfriends taking their photos, make sure the lens meet your eye level (not the person taking the photo).

When taking a portrait (face photo) your face might appear more defined if you take the photo from a higher level. This angle is very used in Youtube videos...

Do not take selfies with your phone too high, everybody over did this. You will look like you're trying to hide your double chin even if it's not existent. Who knows, you might have a triple hehe


I used to avoid direct sunlight because the harsh shadows, however I know appreciate it. When you want your colors to pop like a Kesha music video, go take photos when it's sunny out.

For Make up, I have a friend that showed me that if you hold a cell phone flash light close to the subject (white light source) all your work will show. This trick is used by the Kardashians...

If you are taking a photo of your body, try being against the light source. Those sharp shadows will work for you as six months at the gym...


I've learned with experience that even when you want your perfect photo, you will need to trust who's behind the camera. Do definitely tell them about the angles, but let the person know that you trust them. I've been pleasantly surprise when I let the person know that I trust them that they will make me look beautiful in their eyes.

More tips coming...Thank you for your questions and emails. You can also DM on Insta or Tweet me


Trucos Para Fotografia en Instagram

¿Muchos de ustedes me preguntan quién toma mis fotos? La lista no termina. Incluso he tenido extraños que me toman fotos cuando viajo solo. Me encanta tomar fotos con fotógrafos, pero esto no sucede todos los días. Igual me siento orgulloso que las personas cerca mio puedan ayudarme y consecuentemente aprendan a tomar fotos. Siento que con las redes sociales y la technologia actual, casi todo el mundo puede lograr ser un buen fotografo. Les cuento que me sorprenden las fotos que mis amistades toman, pero claro por que ya aprendieron estos trucos.

Para resumirles...

Angulos: Si es de cuerpo entero trata de siempre tomarlo de abajo hacia arriba.

Si vas a tomar una fotografia de la cintura para arriba, es mejor que la camara este a nivel de tu mirada. No de la persona que la este tomando.

Cuando es una foto de cara (no selfies) si puedes tener la camara un poco mas arriba.

Para selfies, evita que este el celular muy arriba por que ya todo el mundo asocia esto con los gorditos que estan tratando de esconder todo lo que se han comido en los ultimos años. Lo digo por experiencia.

Dimensiones: Lo que este mas cerca de la camara siempre luce mas grande. Por eso las señoritas en Instagram parece que hablan telefono por la cola haha


Si estas tomando una foto de cuerpo a alguien, lo mejor que puedes hacer para resaltar la definicion es estar en contra luz, jugar con esto de acuerdo a cuanto quieres definir a la persona.

Tomar fotos con sol, si quieres que los colores resalten mucho, esto tambien puede hacer muy fuertes las sombras, evitar si tienes arrugas (y en la vida real tambien) Es por ello que los dias nublosos, son excelentes para tomar fotos.

Para maquillaje, un amigo estilista me mostro que utiliza el flash de otro celular para resaltar los colores, iluminacion, highlighter y demas. esto lo podemos observar en casi todas las fotos de las Kardashians.

El consejo mas importante es que confies, dale esa confianza a la persona que este tomando la foto. Hablale de lo que quieres y dile tus angulos.

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