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Dear friend,

These past months haven't been as hard as they could've been...because I have you. I make better decisions when I am thinking of you and I. For the beginning of the quarantine, I couldn't ignore that a lot of people started to panic and others enjoyed the forced vacations. Then when the days started to stick with each other and people started to question the pandemic itself. The tragic death of George Floyd moved us all. I want to say honorable death because the change his death is producing in our nation is glorious.

Friend, I felt very affected. Only you know that my heart can't tolerate injustice, I couldn't turn away from this unlike with the news about the pandemic. There were protests, riots, the country grieving together, and fighting for justice. You know there were people around me saying this kind of violence wasn't necessary. I think only in this case, decades of anger were released from the soul of our brothers and sisters. If there were people that didn't want to hear, they've had to listen.

I don't want to make this letter about what I trust is changing. I'm so grateful I have you, even with what's going on. I feel your love brings me hope. Today is the day that I can see through my physical body and care less about my appearance and more about who I am. Because I know you love me regardless of how I look. It's different this time because all I want to do is make better decisions for both of us.

I wish everyone could feel the same way I feel about our friendship. These days you've been so selective about the news I get to read, the shows I watch, or what I do with my time. The more I learn about you, the more I want to focus on information that you've made me see that is good for me. I can't believe the things you've taught me in these months, compassion, communication even writing.

Little did I know that finally, I have what I needed in you. I will write to you again very soon.

Juanjose Rangel June 16th, 2020

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