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Dress For The Occasion (What to wear for each occasion)

The other day I was having this conversation with someone about why I like to wear classic clothes (you may call it preppy) for family meetings/parties. I explained that I feel my best when I wear something proper for each occasion. There is a place and a time for everything. Growing up my mom and grandmother used to dress me like Ralph Lauren campaign. Not only I owned every single color of polos they had, but I used to get bathed in baby cologne before school every day (mom's orders). Now I know why I was the 'hit' when it came to the girls at my school, they've all used loved hugging me. I'm talking before middle school. What I quickly learned after moving to the U.S. is that my way of dressing was called preppy and opulent for many. I grew up and I still enjoy wearing this classic styles. However, I now love to dress differently for every occasion. You can see me wearing an oversized tracksuit with graphics one day, then a fitted suit the next.

I feel that clothes allow me to be the person I want to be on that day. I always think of: The place I will be going, the crowd that will see me and what should be on top of this list, comfortability. Let's say I'm doing a road trip across Florida. I don't want to be wearing a Shirt or too many buttons unless it's roomy enough. For instance, If I'm going to an event, I try to avoid wearing black. I might want to stand out a little.

Let me give you super short advice on what you should wear on different occasions.

What to wear on... An Interview: You should look disciplined. Wear solid colors and not many accessories but always a nice watch. It shows you take time seriously. Religious Ceremony: Stay away from your sexy self. Actually, make sure it's sexy underneath... A wedding: Avoid white (unless it's a theme wedding) Dark and formal is the way to go... Night Out: You are the star of your own music video. Where is it going to be filmed? Because you don't want to be James Bond in a gay bar...Wait, why not?... Dinner/Date: Wear what makes you feel sexy. Comfortable in your own skin. Sunday/Day off: Comfortability is king. Having fun is queen. You enjoy this day my dear.

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