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Summer Approved Sweaters

When wearing a regular T-Shirt is not an option, And you feel like you've already used all the versions of button-down shirt out there. Every color, fabric or print. A short sleeved sweater can become your life savior. Maybe not to that extreme, but it can definitely make you stand out from the crowd without making you look like you're "trying too hard" (I just don't want you to fall for those overly printed shirts that some guys are daring to wear this summer).

You know, I'm just saying if you stay away from extravagant trends that obviously look horrendous, you and your classy style can survive this summer. Times are tough, I even feel I'm going against the current of what's been trending lately for men, prints on prints, patterns on patterns and what I don't like the most, logos everywhere. Even luxury fashion designers have applied this "clever advertising" tactic from big clothing retailers of using logos incautiously. Turning people into walking billboards with logos all over them. Don't get me wrong, I love some brands' logos but I'm aware when they are just too much.

Instead, try viscose sweaters in bold colors to make an statement. Stick to solid colors and timeless patterns like stripes that are always in style. And to make sweaters summer approved, they should have short sleeves preferably or roll them up. Wear them with shorts or lighter color pants like white jeans.

Thank you for reading and always remember less is more (especially in summer!)

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