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Monserrate: 2500 Meters Closer To The Stars

If you ever go to Bogota, Colombia. You must visit Monserrate city, a mountain even higher than Bogota, with breathtaking views; and when I say breathtaking, I mean it. You will have to make some effort to breath normally when you visit, but it's totally worth it because you won't ever be as close to the sky as you can be on top of Monserrat. And this is what they probably had on mind when they built a monastery/sanctuary & a church on the very top of this mountain in the 1600's.

The best way to you can get up there is by using its famous cable car, or you can also take a train. Some people opt to walk, which isn't impossible but I'm sure it's a lot of work!

There are two fine restaurants in Monserrate. "Casa Isidro" of French cosine and "Casa Santaclara" of typical Colombian cosine. Indeed,I went for Casa Santaclara to get the complete Colombian experience.

Casa Santa Clara in Monserrate, Bogota

Absolutely beautiful atmosphere with huge windows to appreciate the view. The decoration is very 19600's as well as the architecture of the house. The food was also excellent! I loved how fresh everything was. Definitely worth the price which is higher than most typical food restaurants in the city.

I recommend their empanadas. I could tell they just chopped the ingredients for the "Aji" (hot sauce) and guacamole. "Aji" sauce is usually stored to use in most restaurants, thus I found it amusing that they make it fresh. Start with Empanadas, have "Bandeja Paisa" as main dish and finish off with the best coffee in the world...​

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