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Mexico City: A True World City

It was my first time in Mexico City and honestly, I wasn't expecting to find such a cosmopolitan, super-developed and diverse city as Mexico City is. It has endless things to do. You can pretty much find anything you can think of in any of its streets. Or in the nearest OXXO (Walgreens, CVS & 711; Watch out!)

I was also stunned by how organized Mexico City is compared with other big cities in the world. Indeed, there is traffic, pollution and a lot going on every where you go. But for being the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere (with over 21 million people!) It offers a very efficiant public transportation, well-maintained roads, delicious food and what I appreciate the most, plenty of green areas. This is why I've visitied Mexico City twice this year, and I will be coming back very soon for future

projects. Stay tuned...

For now let me share with you guys some of the amazing restaurants I went to. I'm the biggest fan of Mexican cousine and when you eat it there. The flavors are enhaced by the organic food. Which is the norm in Mexico. Click on each restaurant name to find out more...

ENO in Polanco, Mexico CIty

Offers a large variety of food that you find in a cafeteria, but with a distinctive gourmet preparation and most importantly top quality ingridients. The kitchen is visible to customers. You know every single thing you eat there is great!

Porfirio's in Polanco, Mexico City

It's a must go. You get the experience of top of the line customer service (They will do almost everything for you but chew your food) which might be a little invasive for some. On the other hand they have genuine Mexican food. If you are into fancy places I highly recommend it.

No. 20 in Reforma, Mexico City

Being a cantina you can expect a large variety of drinks and food that really go atmosphere. The decoration was definitely one of my favorite, Mexican art deco at its best. Ask the stuff about their drinks, I'm sure there isn't anything they don't have at their bar. I had this very special dish I forgot the name of. It was big, tasty and really makes me want to come back there for more...mescal. And food of course...

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