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Outfit For Monserrate, Bogota.

This is what I would call a very Bogota look. Warm enough for the high altitude but also very light to change if the sun makes it too warm. The temperatures change dramatically at this elevation above sea level (way closer to the sun and the equator). I still remember those days they used to call Bogota "La nevera de Colombia" Colombia's fridge or even "the London of Latin America" because it was always very cloudy and cold. Nowadays the weather there has gotten way warmer than before AKA Global warming. Well at least for my likeness, it will always be cooler than Miami.

I'm wearing ZARA skinny ripped jeans with an H&M beanie. Everything very basic and neutral. Exactly what I wanted since most people in Bogota like to wear dark colors because of the cold climate, as well as the worn look the jeans have that is trending everywhere.​

My cardigan is by a relatively new Colombian brand called KOAJ, which I'm loving. It's very trendy, but they still manage to keep the logos and graphics out. Just how I like it! Check them out HERE

Sunglasses by Vint & York

Photos by Alan Abarca

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