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Enjoy Your Coffee Because It Might Make You Live Longer

​Regular Coffee drinkers are likely to live longer. Two scientific studies published Monday claim. They also found that coffee has the same health benefits in every race.

The first study was the largest study to date on coffee and mortality and analyzed more than 500.000 people in European Countries. It proved to lower the risk of early dead.

The second study was focused on non white participants from all races including asians, latinos and African Americans and it proved that all races benefit equally from the consumption of the beverage. Unlike to the popular believe, the more coffee consumed by people, the lower the risk of health problems they have (two to four cups a day lowers the risk to up to 18% compared to those who don't drink coffee). These findings are consistent to previous studies that were often disregard because they focused only on a particular race.

Well now it's been probed once again that coffee lowers levels of inflammation in your body, help your body digest better glucose and make your mind feel healthier. However, as everything we put in our bodies, moderation is key. Only drink as you need and if coffee isn't your thing, you can get similar health benefits from tea.

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