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What To Wear With Overalls

Every time I travel, overalls are one of my go-to looks. Because as white shirts, I feel there are so many ways to wear them. I grab and put them in my bag without even thinking about it. When you know something looks good on you, you will find yourself wearing it over and over. Most people look great with overalls since they're actually very slimming! Here are a few ways you can style them.

What I like to wear with my overalls is always any t-shirt or sweatshirt without buttons or much. Because it already has so much seam, you really want to keep what's under very simple. I've also worn them with sweaters for fall or long sleeve t-shirts when it isn't chilly.

When you wear solid colors, the overalls shine!

But you can also play a little bit with the print of the T-shirt if the overalls' seam aren't as noticeable.

If you are wearing something that has some detail like a polo. In my case even a pocket, try using only one strap, that way they won't interfere.

For the last look, I wanted to show you how Overalls look with long sleeves. Something I still need to try is wearing them with outwear over.

Just remember, don't ever get yourself in distressed overalls because even construction workers will look at you weird.


Con Que Ponerte Un Overol

Cada vez que viajo un overol son de las cosas que mas me gusta llevar conmigo. Es de esas cosas que ya se que me quedan bien y las empaco como automaticamente. Aqui les queria mostrar diferentes maneras que pueden utilizarlos.

En mi opinion, se ven muy bien en la mayoria de personas. Especialmente con camisetas o busos muy sencillos debajo, sin mucho detalle. (de un solo tono). Sin embargo, si se ponen algo como la polo rosada, que tiene hasta un bolsillo, pueden utilizar solo una tira para que no interfiera.

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