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Men's Jeans FIT: Relaxed VS Skinny Jeans

Every pants' maker carries some specific styles (or FIT) that through the years have proved to be the most used by men. In this post I want to summirize in a few sentences the full description of Skinny fit, Slim, Straight, Boot-cut and Relaxed, so you know next time you shop for jeans the style you want even if a brand calls them differently.

1. We shall start with the most popular nowadays, the Skinny jeans. In recent years, men finally understood the benefit of fitting clothes to enhance our bodies shape. In consequence the iconic jeans became tighter and more reviling than ever with styles in every color or size. Making everyone want to try them, but my recommendation for men is that if you have either very thin legs or on the contrary very thick legs, avoid skinny jeans because they will just enhance the shape of your legs and make you feel a little uncomfortable. Personally, I'm in my 20's and it took me my whole life to finally accept and learn to love and celebrate my thick legs. In fact, I now consider myself genetically blessed with muscular legs that make my passion for running even a better deal for me. They might not fit in every 28' skinny jean, but as my sister tells me, no one likes a man with chicken legs.

2. What follows is the Slim, the ideal fit for me. They pretty much look the same as the skinny jeans but with a little more space for my manhood to feel completely comfortable. You get the look of a skinny jean, but with just enough space to respect your manhood.

3. The Straight is as the name says, completely straight from top to bottom. Its the original standard for jeans and hasn't changed. Some people call it the original, I'm wearing this type in the pictures below.

4. After we have the Boot-cut models, which look like an hourglass. Imagine a straight fit jean divided in two, which is exactly on the knee where it becomes smaller then expands giving the triangular illusion of a wider heim least enough space for a boot underneath.

5. And for last, but not least. The Relaxed fit is the most popular and my personal favorite. We can't deny having extra space in your pants can be quiet enjoyable. The relaxed style projects masculinity and easy-going attitude. Expect to see a lot of men wearing oversized pants in 2017 in reflect of the Spring Summer 2017 looks we've seen so far on the runways.

Photography by Lina Jojoa - Alan Abarca

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